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Branding Your Business One Bottle of Water at a Time!
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Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach

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Why Private (Custom) Label Bottled Water is an Effective Branding & Advertising Tool:

     √    Reinforces Your Brand in a Prestigious & Distinguished Way.  
     √    Creates a Miniature, Mobile Billboard for your Brand
     √    Provides a perfect display to spotlight business honors, awards & your corporate message.
     √    Every bottle that you sell or give away, allows you and your business to make a one-to-                    one connection with your customers.
     √    Utilizes your current customers to solicit new customers!
     √    Projects an image of professionalism.
√    Consumable and Memorable.
     √    Sustainable and Recycling
     √   It's cost Effective by making multiple impressions from each bottle.

                                                                   Inlet Fitness 
20 oz. and 1 Liter Bottles