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Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach

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iFLY of VB gives their 12 oz. bottles  

promotion and sells their 16.9 oz. & 1 Liter bottles.

Who We Are:

Our Pure Paradise Water Purpose & Mission:

Our ONLY Business is to Help Promote Your Business!

We exist to assist local businesses advertising and branding needs by providing private label bottled water.  We have the finest water, bottles, labels and customer service.  All at very competitive prices.

We only provide private label bottled water.  As a result, we can focus on representing your business through private label bottled water.

Whether it's a one-time order or you need to receive a delivery on a bi-monthly basis, we will create a label that you love at no cost.

We can also run a sample of your label, attach it to a bottle with your cap color of choice for you to see before we print your labels, ensuring that the final product will be...Pure Paradise!

Our Purpose & Mission:

   •  SERVE our fellow local Coastal Virginia businesses with an exceptional              advertising and branding tool, private label bottled water of the finest              quality backed by excellent, face-to-face customer service.  

   •  DONATE a percentage of our proceeds goes directly to the Virginia                      Aquarium Stranding Response Program.  To communicate the critical                role  the program plays in our local community and environment.  The                Program is primarily supported by community and corporate donations.          We are honored to partner with the Virginia Aquarium & Marine                            Science Center.  See "Where We Give" for more information.

   •  ENCOURAGE  We support Recycle, Reuse & Repurpose initiatives through         various channels.  We promote conservation and environmental related             programs and events of the Virginia Aquarium.   We utilize social media             channels to post repurpose projects to promote sustainability and to                 share and to share conservation information.  Our bottles are BPA Free,             rigid, reusable and we encourage users to do so.