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Why don't we use glass bottles?

Manufacturing plastic bottles leaves a smaller carbon footprint than glass. Glass bottles are 75% heavier, therefore shipping them by truck causes a greater percentage of harmful emissions to the environment and a much larger carbon footprint.  

But un-recycled plastics of all kinds are, extremely, detrimental to our oceans and environment. Bottled water is the most popularly consumed drink in the country, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The reality is that people continue to buy and use plastic water bottles, as well as plastic soda bottles.  We believe that as plastic bottle users we have a tremendous responsibility to promote the seriousness of recycling our water bottles and all recyclable plastics. 

Today, recycled plastic water bottles are used to make a variety of products we use everyday.  

  Here are some consumer goods that made from recycled plastic water bottles:

       *  Fabric used in clothing & upholstery

       *  Carpeting

       *  Plastic Lumber = used to make decks, patio furniture, fencing, docks & play sets.

       *  Car Parts

       *  NEW plastic bottles!