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Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach

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Exclusively Bottled for Your Business!

Choose 12 oz., 16.9 oz., 20 oz. or 1 Liter Bottles 

Targeted to Your Market

Consumable & Memorable

Sustainable Through Recycling

Pricing that's Pure Paradise!

Top 10 Reasons to Use Pure Paradise Water 
for Your Private Label Bottled Water Needs:

 1.  Natural Artesian Water  
      (just like Fiji Water®
      Bottled at the source & is the best tasting and healthiest                   bottled water available...anywhere! 

2.  Premium Bottle Types & Sizes  
      Choose either a rigid bullet or ribbed BPA Free Bottles.

3.  Highest Quality Labels   
      The highest quality, full-color, ultra clear, laminated, water               proof stock.  

4.  Graphic Design 
      Our graphic designers will create the perfect label for your                 business.  No Additional Charge! 

5.  Choose Your Cap Color 
       7 cap colors to choose from.  No Additional Charge!

iFLY of Virginia Beach
12 oz., 16.9 oz. & 1 Liter Bottles

Sample 16.9 oz. Bottles

6.  Freshest Water 

      Bottled and shipped when you order it.  We never it sit in a                 warehouse prior to labeling.

7.  Prices that are Pure Paradise

     Compare and see for yourself.

8.  We only sell private label bottled water  

        Our only business is to help promote your business! Backed              by personal customer service.

9.  We are a Purpose Driven Company -  A percentage of our            annual proceeds go directly to support the Virginia                         Aquarium Stranding Response Program. (See more about          the Program under the "Where We Give" tab.)

10. We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility,                 of our environment & planet.  We promote all Reuse,                           Repurpose & Recycle initiatives.